Truck Fall Protection & Loading Platforms

What is Trucking Fall Protection?

Fall Protection Systems for the trucking industry are built to allow employees safe access to load, unload, inspect, or maintain trucks. According to OSHA, workers need to have fall protection equipment at heights of 4 feet or higher so all of Safe Harbor’s truck loading racks and platforms are designed with your employee’s safety in mind.

Truck Loading Racks

Another industrial sector that Safe Harbor has distinguished itself in is the trucking industry. Safe Harbor has designed, developed, and delivered customized truck loading racks and platforms, both single access platforms for single hatch trucks as well as multiple access platforms for multiple hatch trucks and trucking fall protection. In addition, we have engineered and produced customized truck safety cages and customized truck safety enclosures for single and multiple-hatch loading platforms.

Truck Fall Protection

trucking fall protectionSafe Harbor’s truck loading platforms and fall protection systems- single access platforms for single hatch trucks - are built for loading and unloading, truck inspections, preventative maintenance, opening or venting hatches, and top- or bottom-hose connection hookups. Truck loading racks can be aligned with loading arms, canopies, and pneumatic and hydraulic systems to lower and raise gangways, transfer augers and to interface with other related equipment. Safe Harbor’s engineering and design staff can customize and modify truck loading platforms to meet the needs and requirements of any size and dimension tank truck. Other components include a single or multiple gangways, platform, handrails, safety tread stairs, canopy, and a standard or extended safety cage system for maximum fall protection.

Quality Assurance

Safe Harbor's truck fall protection and loading platforms are designed and manufactured with our customer's safety top of mind. We build to OSHA standards and our products are designed to meet and exceed all of OSHA Regulations and Standards, specifically OSHA General Industry Fall Protection Standard 29 CFR 1910, including (but not limited to) OSHA 1910.23. Railings, access ramps, stairs, gangways, posts, and safety enclosures for the trucking industry are created with fall protection in mind.

Custom Trucking Safety Solutions

In terms of single or multiple access platforms for multiple hatch trucks, Safe Harbor also designs custom solutions and retrofit systems for prospective and current clients. Truck loading racks for multiple hatches from Safe Harbor improve and increase productivity, while meeting the safety regulations and standards for fall prevention. Elevated handrail systems, customized truck safety cages, elevating truck platforms, track mounted gangways, full truck enclosures and single pedestal or tower support designs (depending on customer needs) further enhance the safety and productivity aspects of the Safe Harbor truck loading rack systems.  

What Types of Trucks Need Fall Protection Systems?

Safe Harbor has the right loading and safety solution for various applications. Safe Harbor's access systems, loading platforms, and gangways are engineered for use with:

  • Hopper Trucks and Cars
  • Liquid Tanker Trucks and Rail Cars
  • ISO Containers
  • Pneumatic Trucks
  • Flatbed Trucks
  • Fuel Trucks
  • Garbage Trucks
  • Dump Trucks

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