Crude Oil Loading Platforms


Safe Harbor Access Systems is a world class provider of crude oil loading safety access systems for railcar and truck platforms. Our crude oil loading platforms are designed for transloading crude oil from tanker trucks to rail cars. Transloading, the process of transporting a shipment from one mode of transportation to another, can be a difficult task so it is extremely important to have the proper fall protection and safety equipment in place.

With the domestic production of crude oil on the rise, Safe Harbor offers the most cost effective crude oil loading platforms.  Many years of knowledge and experience in the fall prevention and bulk loading industry have allowed us to retrofit outdated equipment with a customized fall protection solution. Our highly qualified engineers have unrivaled experience in crude oil loading operations.

Types of Crude Oil Loading Platforms & Equipment

Safe Harbor can accommodate your requirements for a project requiring fall prevention for a single railcar loading spot or a project requiring fall prevention for multiple tracks that require loading/unloading of 118 railcar tank trains. Some of the common fall protection equipment used in the crude oil industry includes:

  • Truck and Railcar Loading Racks
  • Loading Platforms
  • Safety Cages
  • Access Gangways between two vehicles or modes of transportation
  • Loading Arms
  • Portable truck and railcar loading platforms

Custom Capabilities

Safe Harbor has designed, developed, and delivered customized truck loading racks and platforms, both single access platforms for single hatch trucks as well as multiple access platforms for multiple hatch trucks and trucking fall protection for the crude oil industry. In addition, we have engineered and produced customized truck safety cages and customized truck safety enclosures for single and multiple-hatch loading platforms.

Quality Assurance

As a leader in railcar safety equipment for the transfer of crude oil, we adhere to the strictest quality control guidelines, designing to meet OSHA Regulations and Standards, specifically OSHA General Industry Fall Protection Standard 29 CFR 1910.

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