Loading Gangways

What Is A Loading Gangway?

A gangway is a platform or walkway that is engineered to provide safe access between a tower or platform and a truck, boat, railcar or another type of platform. Safe Harbor's OSHA-standard access gangways are designed for a wide range of heights and variances. Gangways can be retrofitted to your existing structure and customized to suit your specific application; which is excellent for older platforms that were not designed for today's taller railcars.

What Are the Different Types of Gangways?

  • Telescoping Gangways - A loading gangway with a telescoping extension
  • Flat Ramp Gangways - A loading gangways with non-slip ramp
  • Self Leveling Tread Gangways - A loading gangway designed for varying heights
  • Custom Gangways - A loading gangway designed to your specific needs

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Loading Gangway Features

  • Lifting of manual units assisted by feather light spring counter-balance
  • Built for harsh and high use environments
  • Locks automatically in upright position with a positive foot lock mechanism
  • Rugged quality bumpers on the bottom of unit for vehicle protection
  • Variety of standard widths from 20" to 60" available
  • 500 lbs. load capacity to accommodate potential emergency rescue efforts
  • Pipe handrails standard to provide a more secure environment for truck and barge operators
  • Stainless steel hardware and bronze oil impregnated bushings are provided for all pivot points to ensure long lasting performance
  • Designed to meet OSHA standards

Industries Using Access Gangways

Safe Harbor creates gangways for the following industries:

Materials Offered for Gangways

Safe Harbor can custom fabricate truck and railcar gangways in various materials, such as:

  • Aluminum Gangways
  • Stainless Steel Gangways
  • Galvanized Steel Gangways

Aluminum Truck Gangways

For loading gangways in industrial and commercial marine settings, Safe Harbor recommends the use of marine-grade aluminum. Several benefits of aluminum truck access gangways include:

  • Lightweight & durability
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Ideal for loading, unloading, and inspecting & repairing vessels
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

Types Of Gangways

Telescoping Gangway

tls-gangwayPrimarily used for railcar applications where vehicle height is fairly uniform. Our telescoping extension helps to close the gap for narrow railcars.

    •  Working range of 15 degrees below horizontal and 15 degrees above horizontal
    • Equipped with our standard 22
    • Self supporting with a 500lb. load capacity

Flat Ramp Gangway

flt-gangwayOur FLT model is a flat ramp gangway. Primarily used for hopper car and hopper truck applications where vehicle height is uniform.

  • Working range of 15 degrees below horizontal and 15 degrees above horizontal
  • Self supporting with a 500lb. load capacity

Self Leveling Tread Gangway

slt-gangwayEngineered with the most versatility to accommodate variations in height that typically occur while accessing liquid tank trucks.

  • Working range of 45 degrees below horizontal and 50 degrees above horizontal
  • Self supporting with a 500lb. load capacity
  • 4 bolt nickle plated flange bearing at the main pivot point
  • Double end tread for larger operator work surface


No matter your safety needs, Safe Harbor will work with you step-by-step to make sure the perfect solution is engineered. We take pride in our innovative, custom gangways.

Common Sizes for Gangways

The Safe Harbor gangways come in a variety of standard widths from 20" to 60" available. Some of the common sizes include:

20" Gangway 30" Gangway 40" Gangway
50" Gangway 60" Gangway Custom Gangway

Custom Gangway Features

  • 07-428-FLT-4PCS-24-C-PNU-005.jpgExtended last tread for operator comfort and maneuverability
  • Manual, pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic operation available
  • Available in aluminum, galvanized steel, safety yellow painted steel, stainless steel or can be painted to your specifications
  • Slip resistant deck span walk surface standard with optional bar grating or fiberglass treads available

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