On-Site Evaluations

One of the most important elements in providing outstanding customer service is learning about the company we are serving. We do this by providing an on site evaluation of your application and listening to your needs and reasons for concern.

on-site-Safe Harbor Access Systems will use all of the information gathered in the "needs analysis" site visit and design a fall protection solution specific to your company's needs; one that helps each and every employee increase their productivity while operating the loading/ unloading process in a safe manner. We will meet with your Safety people, your Maintenance people, and your Purchasing staff to get feedback on areas of concern.

This assessment makes the link from customer satisfaction back to operational excellence, managing the customer care experience, and capturing the voice of the customer essential components in implementing effective safety solutions. Safe Harbor is built upon an understanding of the needs relating to fall protection issues and the perceptions of the customer as he evaluates his potential choices.


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