Railcar Fall Protection & Loading Systems

Railcar Fall Protection Systems

One of the industrial markets that Safe Harbor is a recognized industry leader in is the Railcar Loading Platform sector. Whether your requirement is for a single car, single hatch railcar platform, a multiple hatch, multiple railcar system, or a combination, Safe Harbor has the technical expertise and real-world design experience to meet the loading/unloading system needs of your specific railcar platform. Safe Harbor offers a wide range of railcar product configurations for your hopper railcar, liquid railcar, or iso-trainer that are designed to maximize your productivity and throughput; all while providing railcar fall protection sytems for your operators and handlers.

Railcar Loading Platforms Feature:

  • images/content/Single or double-sided loading racks
  • Loading arms
  • Tower platform supports or single pedestal
  • Modular platforms
  • Side rails
  • Extending gangways
  • Grab bars
  • Customized railcar safety cages
  • Safety enclosures for railcar fall protection

Also, other components that offer the safest and most efficient access to a wide range of railcars applications include unloading and loading of railcars, venting hatches, safety inspections, and preventative maintenance, to name a few.

Multiple Hatch Railcar Fall Protection

Multi hatch, multiple railcar loading platforms include many of the features of our single hatch railcar loading platforms listed above. However, Safe Harbor provides custom options to multi-hatch railcar fall protection systems including:

  • Self-closing swing gates
  • Snap chain openings
  • Tracking handrails

Safe Habor also has the capability of retrofitting/converting an existing fixed mount gangway to a tracking gangway (through the use of a Safe Harbor modular base tread that can be converted from a fixed mount to a pivot mount/tracking gangway).

We can configure multiple hatch systems for top loading hoses or bottom loading hoses, depending on your requirements. By simultaneously accessing multiple hatches with our system, railcars can be loaded or unloaded that much faster, saving time and cost. Virtually unlimited size platforms, safety cages, and safety platforms are also optional.  

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