Crossover Ladders & Work Platforms

Safe Harbor Crossover Platforms

Increase productivity while better-protecting employees and vital material assets by improving access to hard-to-reach places with crossover platforms and modular crossovers from Safe Harbor Access Systems.

A crossover platform allows a person to safely walk over busy work areas, heavy traffic, obstacles or hazardous environments instead of having to go around or through them. A well-placed crossover platform can also shield equipment, conveyors, and pipes from foot traffic damage, reducing process system maintenance costs and production downtime. 

Crossover Platforms Specifications

Our crossover platforms are versatile and use components that can be connected for additional length or width, offering a wide array of access options for any application in which work is performed at height. There are options to create multi-tiered systems with optimum access points by connecting stairs and ladders to different levels. Manufactured from lightweight materials, Safe Harbor Access Systems have the following specifications -

  • 750 - 1,000-pound capacity
  • Perforated non-slip ladder rungs
  • Serrated grating platform surface and stair treads
  • Crossover platforms that meet OSHA and ANSI standards
  • Fabricated from high-quality steel
  • 20-inch or 30-inch bridge spans for horizontal clearance
  • Leg kits available for spans greater than 90” in length.


Safe Harbor Access Systems crossover platforms are an ideal solution for any situation in which obstructions are common or access is needed, including aviation, energy, petrochemical, manufacturing and rooftop applications. Assembly is simple and does not require welding or additional fabrication. Create efficient, safe passage at your facility or job site with dependable crossover platforms from Safe Harbor Access Systems. Our experts are available to help solve your access needs. 

OSHA Standard Crossover Stairs & Ladders

Safe Harbor's crossover platforms will help keep your employees safe and your company up with OSHA fall protection regulations. If your industry requires a customized solution, contact us today.

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