Portable Truck & Tanker Access System

worker_topWhen it comes to mobile loading, Safe Harbor's PTA platforms are the ideal solution for fall protection. In a temporary loading situation where there is a lot of movement, portable access platforms give the strength, durability, and safety that all of our permanent platforms offer. A few things to consider are:

  • Do your loading areas provide adequate fall protection for your operators at all times?
  • Do you have a need to be able to unload a tanker, truck, or railcar in a remote area that currently does not have a loading rack?
  • What happens if your typical loading spot is not operational and you can't load or unload product due to damaged fall protection equipment?

If any of these scenarios apply to your company then Safe Harbor has the solution. Safe Harbor's Portable Access System provides fall protection for your operators on a portable platform. The Safe Harbor Portable Access System is engineered for use with Liquid Tanker Trucks, Liquid Rail Cars, Hopper Trucks, Hopper Cars, and ISO-Tainers.

Safe Harbor Portable Access Systems - Engineering Review

Safe Harbor offers two different rolling bases and ladder heights. Choose between our standard base which offers loading capabilities for single hatch vehicles or our parallel base, for vehicles with multiple hatches.

Do you load in only one hatch on your vehicle?

Our Standard Base allows the operator perpendicular access to the vehicle. A perpendicular base is typically used for single hatch railcars or trucks.

Standard/ Perpendicular Approach

  • Portable access unit runs perpendicular to vehicle.
  • Portable access units can be designed for either truck or railcar applications
  • Standard portable access units have two workings ranges; 9'-6" to 13'-6" and 11'-6" to 15'-6".
  • Units have an automatic self breaking winch with backup locking pins
  • Ideal for use where vehicles need to be safely accessed in different locations
  • Units can also be powered and self propelled
  • Units can be designed to move with forklift pockets. Units can also be designed to be pulled behind site trucks at low speed.

Do you load multiple hatches on your vehicle?

Our Parallel base allows the operator to roll the system parallel with the vehicle. A paralleled base is typically used for vehicles that have multiple hatches.

Parallel Approach

  • Designed for either truck or railcar applications
  • Units have two workings ranges; 9'-6" to 13'-6" and 11'-6" to 15'-6".
  • Units is fitted with a customized safety cage for your specific requirement.
  • Portable access units are designed for effortless one person operation and are easy to maneuver
  • Portable access units have 18" oam filled tires which results in portable access units that are always ready for use.
  • Standard units are free standing and have a 500 LB load capacity.
  • Units have self leveling jacks and wheel break for additional safety

Do you load trucks or liquid rail cars?

Safe Harbor offers two different ladder heights based on the type of vehicle being accessed. Choose our standard base for single hatch applications, and our parallel base for multiple hatch applications.

Portable Truck Access (PTA)Types

Our PTA-14 has a working range of 9'-6" to 13'-6". The PTA-14 is typically used for accessing liquid railcars and tank trucks.

Our PTA-16 has a working range of 11'-6" to 15'-6". The PTA-16 is typically used for accessing hopper cars and hopper trucks.

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