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from Safe Harbor: The Safe Solution for Challenges Today… And Tomorrow.

Any Downtime Is Too Much. Today, more than ever, safety is crucial. One breach can shut your operation down. Covid-19 has taught us hard lessons that demand solutions. And even after the pandemic monster is tamed, we’ll still have on-going needs for heightened safety and security.

SureStation is compact and self-contained with full customization available to meet your specific requirements. Each model provides fast, accurate, and efficient monitoring; and your needs and imagination can lead to additional uses.

Here’s What SureStation Provides:

  • Confidence that you’re ensuring worksite health & safety
  • Fast, safe entry for verified employees, visitors, & contractors 
  • Contained environment – no staffing required
  • User-friendly, easy setup - “Plug & Play” 
  • Portability – easy to relocate 
  • Hands-free temperature checks: quick (3-5 second) & accurate (+/-0.5ºF)
  • 24/7/365 System monitoring & support
  • Peace of mind

SureStation Features 

  • Made in the USA 
  • Aluminum construction
  • Rustproof, urethane painted interior & exterior walls
  • LED lighting, UL approved
  • 30" x 6' 6" door


Custom Capabilities

  • Custom sizes

  • Custom branding
  • Windows
  • HVAC with digital thermostat
  • ADA compliance
  • Integration (customizable integration options available:   payroll, timecard, access control and/or HRMS software integration)


SureStation Helps Identify Health And Security Risks Before They Turn Into Crises.

  • Features software providing the most trusted, touchless   solution on the market
  • Uses infrared thermal camera for temperature scans
  • Tells persons with elevated temps to safely leave the premises using social distancing
  • Sends data reports to HR
  • Can replace existing timecard system using a touchless, biometric system
  • Allows for both real-time & strategic data-based decisions through cloud-based reporting & analytics platform
  • Continues to operate during your system downtime via cellular-based cloud connection


Common Applications

  • Temperature checks
  • PPE distribution
  • Company handout distribution
  • Sanitizer, mask, & glove distribution
  • Weapon detection
  • Safety video viewing
  • Employee check-in station

Why Safe Harbor?

Safe Harbor Is Proud To Offer SureStation, Our Newest Safety Solution


Safety is always our focus. For 20+ years, Safe Harbor has provided fall protection systems that meet or exceed all industry regulations. Now that the pandemic has changed workplace routines, we’ve found another essential way to help keep people safe. Our new SureStation addresses today’s challenges and those yet to come.

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