Flat Ramp Gangways (FLT)

Our FLT model is a flat ramp gangway. Primarily used for hopper car and hopper truck applications where vehicle height is uniform. All of our systems are custom made to fit your specific application.

Flat Ramp Gangway Features & Benefits

  • Working range of 15 degrees below horizontal and 15 degrees above horizontal
  • Self supporting with a 500lb. load capacity
  • High performance and safety locking extension
  • 1 1/4" SCH. 40 pipe provides added comfort and increased strength
  • Oversized safety yellow top and midrails provide opertator comfort and high visibility
  • Spring counter balance with chemical resistant cover
  • Galvanized base tread provices added strength
  • Equipped with our standard 22" telescoping extension
  • 4 bolt flange bearing at the main pivot point provides strength and ease of movement, ideal for high use applications
  • Modular base tread allows for quick installaion helping to minimize downtime
  • Open serrated walk surface helps to maximize footing and minimize water, product, and ice accumulation

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