COVID-19 Kiosk


Safety. Security. Reliability. Peace of Mind.

With employees returning back to work, it is important for companies to ensure the health and safety of everyone in their organization. The pandemic has changed the everyday routine of companies, and now it is important for companies to provide temperature checks and personal protective equipment.

In order to meet the needs of the changing workplace, Safe Harbor now provides COVID kiosks, also known as modular wellness centers, that can be integrated with your current office or facility to make sure your employees stay safe and healthy. The prefabricated modular wellness station can be customized for your company’s specific needs, and they are a great solution for providing temperature and wellness checks, handing out PPE, and practicing good hygiene.  

SureStation Features

  • Aluminum construction building
  • Rust proof exterior and interior walls
  • HVAC with digital thermostat
  • LED lighting
  • Mathews urethane paint
  • Sliding glass front window
  • 30” x 6’-6” door

Custom Capabilities

  • Made in the USA
  • Custom sizes available
  • The kiosk can be fully customized to meet your COVID needs

Common Applications

As more employees start going back to work, it is important for companies to start planning ways to help ensure the safety of their employees at work. Safe Harbor’s new COVID kiosk is a great solution for the following applications:

  • Employee and Customer Temperature Checks
  • PPE Distribution During Shift Changes
  • PPE Storage
  • Distributing Company Handouts
  • Employee Check-In Station

Why Safe Harbor?

At Safe Harbor, an employee or customer’s safety is always top of mind. Our company has many years of experience providing fall protection systems that meet all industry regulations. Now that the pandemic has changed workplace routines, our company wanted to find another way to help keep employees safe. Our new SureStation kiosks are UL approved, and they can be designed to your specifications.

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