Safety Cage Ladders

Cage Ladders & Rolling Access Ladders

There are many markets, including trucking and marine industries, that require ladders that require extensive fall protection and safety for workers. If your industry requires this extra protection, then you need a fabricated ladder with a barrel safety cage, also known as fixed ladders. Safe Harbor can engineer and fabricate a ladder or rolling access ladder that meets your specific requirements.

OSHA Certified Cage Safety Ladders

Barrel Safety Cage-LadderSafe Harbor's cage ladders will help keep your employees safe and your company up with OSHA fall protection regulations. If your custom cage ladder exceeds 20 ft., it is required to have a safety cage. If it exceeds 30 ft. of straight vertical ascent, it is required to have a rest platform. (OSHA 1910.27)

Cage Ladder Standards

OSHA regulations state that if a fixed ladder is taller than 20 ft, then a cage is required and must meet the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.27(d). Following OSHA regulations, Safe Harbor engineers and fabricates cage ladders with several requirements in mind in regard to your needs.

Safe Harbor fabricates safety ladders with cages that will support a minimum of 200 pounds of a concentrated load. From a free on-site evaluation, we can determine load requirements for your fixed ladder.

All safety barrel cage ladders need to have properly installed rungs because a rung minimizes slipping. Safe Harbor uses various patterns, like corrugated, knurled, or dimpled, for fixed ladders, and complies with OSHA standards for rung diameters and distances.

Based on your on-site evaluation, we will be able to determine extensions for your cage ladder since standards change depending on the type of ladder. OSHA regulations state that an extension must extend 3.5 feet above landings without rungs.

Materials Offered for Cage Ladders

Safe Harbor can custom design safety cage ladders in various materials, such as:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized Steel

For barrel ladders in marine settings, Safe Harbor recommends the use of marine-grade aluminum. An aluminum cage ladder is known for its lightweight, durability, lower maintenance requirements, and excellent corrosion resistance.


So, whether your need is the rolling safety access ladder or an OSHA certified safety ladder, please call Safe Harbor for a FREE on-site safety evaluation.

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